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The bowknot fashion has come back

In the 1950 s, bowknot is flourishing. Bowknot is the representative of the spirit of fashion in the 1950 s, it has been one of the most popular embellishments on women’s clothes for almost half a century. There is no sign of reduction for the fashion process of the bowknot until now. With the popular of the vintage fashion, bowknot fashion is popular again.

Coco Chanel is the most famous of these, she made black bowknot the symbol of elegance. MOSCHINO combined dot and bowknot together, making it the symbol for sweet girl. ARMANI also take bow as a favorite gadget. D&G preferred sexy bowknot. Even the elegant and noble Fendi adapted the elegant bow in their clothes. The fashion designers make the bowknot to shine in the fashion industry.

I believe that every woman has a princess dream, bowknot, the simple adornment, satisfied the princess dream of many ordinary women. In our childhood, bowknot is appeared on the hair, neckline and belt, central fairly status, dress up out of the classic image of the little princess.

This year, the bowknot on both jacket and skirt is no longer in the medium places, they are more changeable and delicate. The shapes for the bowknots are richer, there are classic big bowknot and delicate little bowknot, the big one is luxury, while the small one is elegant and simple, all are very lovely and has its unique charm.  Bowknot  appeared everywhere in  our clothes and accessories.

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