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Four stunning handbags from VogueQueen

Many women would prepare a lovely handbag before they go to the evening party. A handbag is not only very practical but also has very good decorative effect. Here are some very lovely handbags to recommend for you!

Floral Shape Handbag
I believe that every girl loves flower, the design of this floral shape handbag is quite creative. Three-dimensional petal design makes this handbag quite chic and lovely! This bag is very suit for a wedding. You will look as beautiful as the blooming flowers in spring! We have three colors for you to choose. Red, white and black, which color do you love?
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Sequins Handbag
The sequins handbag would be so sparkling with the reflection of the light. If you wear a simple evening dress, don’t worry that you will be buried in the crowd, what you need is such a stunning sequins handbag. The glitter sequins handbag is sure to help you to become the most eye-catching woman.
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Rhinestones Handbags
If you want to appear luxury, then this rhinestones handbag would be your first choice! If you want be more fashion and eye-catching, the gold color is your first choice. This hand bag is all-match, you can match this handbag with white, red, blue or yellow evening dresses. This handbag is also very suit for bride.
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Pearl Handbag
I believe that every woman loves pearl jewelry. If you are a pearl fan, you must love this lovely pearl handbag. The design of this pearl handbag is quite simple but looks quite elegant. You will become an elegant lady with the lovely pearl handbag.
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Bags are the most important part to complete women’s fashion ensemble. A perfect bag can add that extra elegance and glamour to a beautiful lady. From VogueQueen bag collection, you are sure to find the incredible handbag for your outfit. Handbags and bags correspond with both a causal and professional styles, no matter you are at the office or on your day off. We provide a large selection of handbags, ranging in size, color, material and shape, to accommodate any style preference. From going to the office or an evening out on the town, there’s a perfect bag at VogueQueen that you will love.

Cheap evening dress

Impressive red carpet looks on 71st Golden Globe Award

U.S. Time January 12, 2014, the 71st Golden Globe Award ceremony was held in Los Angeles. This ceremony is hosted by Tina Philippines and Amy Poehler, they are two famous comedy stars. Famous film director, screenwriter Allen Woody was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of 71th Golden Globe Awards. The red carpet is star-studded, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Mizuki Witherspoon, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift, etc. So many super stars appeared on the red carpet. The followings are some of the most impressive looks on the red carpet for me.

Heidi Klum appeared on the red carpet with a black perspective dress. This dress comes from Marchesa 2014 spring and summer series. This dress combined the embroidered flowers with romantic Chantilly lace, the silhouette of this dress is a little similar to lingerie. Heidi Klum looked really sexy but not too over, the complex flower embroideries are really special in so many solid color dresses.

The little girl in Harry Potter has grown up! Emma Watson looked so mature and full of women flavor with this orange Christian Dior dress. While most of the female stars rushed to wear the newly launched dress, Emma Watson chose a dress from Christian Dior 2012 autumn/winter Paris haute couture series. Very charming!

The Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence also chose a Jennifer Lawrence dress. Her sweet short hair matched well with the stunning white dress, very elegant! She won the best supporting actress award for the film “American Hustle”.

Taylor Swift wore a red sexy Taylor Swift strapless dress on the red carpet. This dress comes from the newly launched Carolina Herrera 2014 early autumn series. I love her vintage make-up, very harmonious with the dress.

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Cheap evening dress

Top 5 red carpet looks of the 40th People’s Choice Awards

Los Angeles Time January 8, 2014, the 40th People’s Choice Awards was held, the red carpet was so wonderful. So many popular female stars appeared with latest season’s fashion new clothes on the red carpet. I gathered some looks which I think very gorgeous with you. If you are to worry about how to choose the dress, you can learn from what they wear.

The Oscar winner Sandra Bullock wore bright colors on the red carpet in recent for many times. This time, she chose a lovely printing dress. This asymmetric printing dress went well with her natural hairstyle. The colors for the bag and the shoes were very harmonious with the dress. Pretty look!


The sexy girl in hot TV drama “Official Girl” Kat Dennings was so gorgeous! Though there are only two colors on the wedding, this dress was definitely not monotonous. The neckline of the dress made she look so sexy and noble.


Jessica Alba is a fashion freaky. Her dresses are usually very conservative, however in the time, she wore a sexy Jason Wu dress. This dress comes with zipper and bandage design, simple but very elegant.


If you have seen the obesity look of Jennifer Hudson, you will admire her figure extraordinary willpower. Her figure is so perfect now! This long sleeve simple dress showed her good figure vividly. The shoes she wore went perfect with her dress. She looked tall, sexy and slim.


Vampire goddess Nina Dobrev has golden body. She chose also chose a long sleeve dress, to wear this kind of high-neck long sleeve dress, you must have a beautiful neck, fortunately, Nina Dobrev has. The stunning crystal ornaments spread around most part of the dress, making this black dress sparkling and luxury.


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The bowknot fashion has come back

In the 1950 s, bowknot is flourishing. Bowknot is the representative of the spirit of fashion in the 1950 s, it has been one of the most popular embellishments on women’s clothes for almost half a century. There is no sign of reduction for the fashion process of the bowknot until now. With the popular of the vintage fashion, bowknot fashion is popular again.

Coco Chanel is the most famous of these, she made black bowknot the symbol of elegance. MOSCHINO combined dot and bowknot together, making it the symbol for sweet girl. ARMANI also take bow as a favorite gadget. D&G preferred sexy bowknot. Even the elegant and noble Fendi adapted the elegant bow in their clothes. The fashion designers make the bowknot to shine in the fashion industry.

I believe that every woman has a princess dream, bowknot, the simple adornment, satisfied the princess dream of many ordinary women. In our childhood, bowknot is appeared on the hair, neckline and belt, central fairly status, dress up out of the classic image of the little princess.

This year, the bowknot on both jacket and skirt is no longer in the medium places, they are more changeable and delicate. The shapes for the bowknots are richer, there are classic big bowknot and delicate little bowknot, the big one is luxury, while the small one is elegant and simple, all are very lovely and has its unique charm.  Bowknot  appeared everywhere in  our clothes and accessories.

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Cheap evening dress

My favorite evening dress patterns

There are many kinds of evening dress patterns. Strapless, one- shoulder, spaghetti, sleeveless… Which kind of dress pattern is your favorite one? Today, I will share with you the my most favorite evening dress patterns and tell you some evening dresses ideas about choosing evening dress, I hope that you will learn something.

Sleeve evening dress with side slit is quite sexy. However if your breast and your legs are not beautiful enough, don’t try this kind of dress. If your breast and legs are beautiful enough to try this kind of dress and want to be eye-catching, keep in mind that high-end fashion fabrics like animal striped fabric and lustrous silk fabric can do lot to improve the luxury feeling. About the design, high-neck and keyhole dress are very fashion.

If you are a young girl, short spaghetti silk dresses are very good for you. They show the youth and passion of a girl maximumly as formal dresses. The design should be simple. The colors of the fabric are various. You can choose black dress to show elegant and mysterious, or a green dress to show your quiet and shy temperament. Keep in mind that the slender the gallus is, the more the dress looks like an evening dress. If the width of the gallus is over 7 mm, it will be improper.

One-shoulder evening dress is my favorite dress pattern. Many female stars choose one-shoulder evening dress on the red carpet. They look like the Greece goddess in one-shoulder dresses. However, if you shoulders are too narrow or you are a petite lady, you’d better not choose this dress pattern. Tall and slender ladies are very suit for this kind of evening dress. Voguequeen has many newly-launched one-shoulder evening dresses, check at



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Dressing ideas for formal occasions

There are many things that you should keep in mind when you attend a formal occasion. You dress gives people your first impression, it’s very important. Today, I will offer you some ideas on your formal dresses!

If you want to be eye-catching on the party, you must choose a right color for your dress. Before buying your evening dress, you must know the popular colors in recent, choose your dress color according to the popular colors. But, don’t be too blind, you must consider your own skin color and your temperament. If you still have no ideas, choose black. You won’t go wrong! Black will never be out of fashion. If you choose black dress, the clipping of the dress must be simple. Do you remember the black long dress that Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. What you should pay attention to is your accessory.


Many girls complain that she bought her dress at very expensive price, wore it just for only once and then put it in the closet forever. It’s really wasteful. Can you evening dress be worn for more than once? Yes! What you need are just some delicate accessories like a luxury shawl, sparkling necklace, shining earrings or lovely bracelet. You can wear different amorous feelings with the same dress!


Keep in mind that the formal occasions is not fancy dress party! You should not be too babyish-this is empirical law. Besides, avant-garde and classic are completely two different things. Cartoon prints should never appear on your dress. The eastern style dresses are very popular in recent years with the development of China. You may try a cheongsam, it’s very sexy and full of women flavor.


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Cheap evening dress

How to choose evening dress according to your figure and skin color

The new year is coming. You must have lots parties and dinners to attend. A lovely evening dress is something that you must have. Do you know which kind of dress is suit for your figure and skin color? Today, I will give you some ideas on choosing evening dresses.

Dress and figure

If you are a petite and cute girl, dresses with high waist design, yarn surface and waist pleat are very good for you. These kinds of dresses can help modify your figure scale. Dresses with too fluffy hems are dresses that you should never choose. Besides, too exaggerated shoulder designs are also not suit for you. About the upper part of the dress, don’t be too plain, it should be more changeable. About the waistline, V shape low waist design can make you look more slim and tall.

If you have a model figure, wow, you are so lucky! You can try whatever kind of dress! If you wan to look sexy and full of women flavor, mermaid dresses are your best choices! Mermaid dresses are also very common seen dress styles on the red carpets. Many sexy female stars choose mermaid dresses to show their sexy body.

If you are a pump girl, dresses with straight line clipping will make you look slim. Pumps girls should avoid high neck dress, necklines like V-neck and U-neck will make your neck appear longer, thus, you will appear slender too. About the waist design and sweep, too complicated embellishments are avoided. You should go for simple dress.  You may find large amount of elegant evening dresses at voguequeen. Check hot-sale formal dresses at VogueQueen.

Dress and skin

If you are a white girl, pink color is your first choice, pink will make you look so youthful and sweet. Colors like bright red and black will make you look absonant. For black girls, you should go for bright colors, pink color is not good for you. If your skin is yellow, you may choose warm-toned colors like orange to make you look healthier.

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