Cheap evening dress

My favorite evening dress patterns

There are many kinds of evening dress patterns. Strapless, one- shoulder, spaghetti, sleeveless… Which kind of dress pattern is your favorite one? Today, I will share with you the my most favorite evening dress patterns and tell you some evening dresses ideas about choosing evening dress, I hope that you will learn something.

Sleeve evening dress with side slit is quite sexy. However if your breast and your legs are not beautiful enough, don’t try this kind of dress. If your breast and legs are beautiful enough to try this kind of dress and want to be eye-catching, keep in mind that high-end fashion fabrics like animal striped fabric and lustrous silk fabric can do lot to improve the luxury feeling. About the design, high-neck and keyhole dress are very fashion.

If you are a young girl, short spaghetti silk dresses are very good for you. They show the youth and passion of a girl maximumly as formal dresses. The design should be simple. The colors of the fabric are various. You can choose black dress to show elegant and mysterious, or a green dress to show your quiet and shy temperament. Keep in mind that the slender the gallus is, the more the dress looks like an evening dress. If the width of the gallus is over 7 mm, it will be improper.

One-shoulder evening dress is my favorite dress pattern. Many female stars choose one-shoulder evening dress on the red carpet. They look like the Greece goddess in one-shoulder dresses. However, if you shoulders are too narrow or you are a petite lady, you’d better not choose this dress pattern. Tall and slender ladies are very suit for this kind of evening dress. Voguequeen has many newly-launched one-shoulder evening dresses, check at



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