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Dressing ideas for formal occasions

There are many things that you should keep in mind when you attend a formal occasion. You dress gives people your first impression, it’s very important. Today, I will offer you some ideas on your formal dresses!

If you want to be eye-catching on the party, you must choose a right color for your dress. Before buying your evening dress, you must know the popular colors in recent, choose your dress color according to the popular colors. But, don’t be too blind, you must consider your own skin color and your temperament. If you still have no ideas, choose black. You won’t go wrong! Black will never be out of fashion. If you choose black dress, the clipping of the dress must be simple. Do you remember the black long dress that Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. What you should pay attention to is your accessory.


Many girls complain that she bought her dress at very expensive price, wore it just for only once and then put it in the closet forever. It’s really wasteful. Can you evening dress be worn for more than once? Yes! What you need are just some delicate accessories like a luxury shawl, sparkling necklace, shining earrings or lovely bracelet. You can wear different amorous feelings with the same dress!


Keep in mind that the formal occasions is not fancy dress party! You should not be too babyish-this is empirical law. Besides, avant-garde and classic are completely two different things. Cartoon prints should never appear on your dress. The eastern style dresses are very popular in recent years with the development of China. You may try a cheongsam, it’s very sexy and full of women flavor.


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