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How to choose evening dress according to your figure and skin color

The new year is coming. You must have lots parties and dinners to attend. A lovely evening dress is something that you must have. Do you know which kind of dress is suit for your figure and skin color? Today, I will give you some ideas on choosing evening dresses.

Dress and figure

If you are a petite and cute girl, dresses with high waist design, yarn surface and waist pleat are very good for you. These kinds of dresses can help modify your figure scale. Dresses with too fluffy hems are dresses that you should never choose. Besides, too exaggerated shoulder designs are also not suit for you. About the upper part of the dress, don’t be too plain, it should be more changeable. About the waistline, V shape low waist design can make you look more slim and tall.

If you have a model figure, wow, you are so lucky! You can try whatever kind of dress! If you wan to look sexy and full of women flavor, mermaid dresses are your best choices! Mermaid dresses are also very common seen dress styles on the red carpets. Many sexy female stars choose mermaid dresses to show their sexy body.

If you are a pump girl, dresses with straight line clipping will make you look slim. Pumps girls should avoid high neck dress, necklines like V-neck and U-neck will make your neck appear longer, thus, you will appear slender too. About the waist design and sweep, too complicated embellishments are avoided. You should go for simple dress.  You may find large amount of elegant evening dresses at voguequeen. Check hot-sale formal dresses at VogueQueen.

Dress and skin

If you are a white girl, pink color is your first choice, pink will make you look so youthful and sweet. Colors like bright red and black will make you look absonant. For black girls, you should go for bright colors, pink color is not good for you. If your skin is yellow, you may choose warm-toned colors like orange to make you look healthier.

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