Cheap evening dress

The fashion tastes of famous female stars

All of the women love new clothes, as well as the stars. These stars love to wear the latest dresses to show their good tastes about the fashion and their status in the entertainment circle. How do you like their dresses?

Miley Cyrus’ dress is more and more exaggerated recently, her way of dressing is more and more similar to that of Lady Gaga. The dress she wore is the new style of THE BLONDS. This dress looks well on her, she has chosen the right color. Fluorescence color makes her look so youthful. The short upper clothing helps her to build very good figure scale. Compared to the exaggerated hairstyle of the model, Miley Cyrus’ short hair is more living.


Fruit girl Kate Perry looked so cute with this dress. This dress turned from a black wedding dress to an evening dress after the black veil was removed. The book handbag is very cute. I love her dress so much!


Can you believe this is Lady Gaga? We often see her exaggerated looks, but we seldom her dressing like this, has this look changed your fixed impression about her. However, compared to the model, Lady Gaga is much hotter, I have to see that she has her special style!


The smile of Blake Lively captivated many people. This dress which is full of the rural breath is just made for her. She chose nothing but the same chain accessory as the model on the T-stage, this is enough, her sweet smile is the best accessory!


Jennifer Lawrence is a very young girl, but she is already an Oscar winner, this proves that she is very talent at acting. This dress proves her good fashion taste! Golden short hair and smart leather overcoat, so handsome! This leather coat hide the perspective mesh upper clothing slightly, not very exaggerated and very sexy. She would also be OK with a little black fur coat. View lovely black fur coats at


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